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MAN is the acronym for Maintaining A Neighborhood. The MAN Network is a collaborative effort of Churches in the Osborn community (Detroit North East) to create a network of men that will take a responsible role in the community to provide safety, structure, and support. At the heart of The MAN Network is our commitment to making our communities safer for our children. This strategy is birthed from the united visions of Pastor David Wheeler, Body Builder for Christ, Bishop Tony Russell, New Covenant of Peace, and Deacon Tom Slone, (also of NCOP). We are confident that with the blessing of Almighty God and the united efforts of Church, Law Enforcement, and Community we can and will put the NEIGHBOR back into the HOOD and have a NEIGHBORHOOD.

What We Propose To Do
The goal of the Man Network is to develop a team of up to 300 men in the Osborn area who will be actively engaged in community safety, community involvement, and community support.

What We Expect To Happen
  • An 80% increase in male involvement in community.
  • An annual decrease in crime by 40%
  • The Return of Respect
  • An immediate and noticeable decrease in drug traffic in areas where we patrol. A dramatic decrease in fights, rapes, abductions and other problems that make our children afraid to go to school.
  • Through our Fellowship of Sons (mentorship) Program we expect to see a group of young men who respect themselves, authority, and peers.

4777 East Outer Drive
Detroit MI 48234

Phone: (313) 287-2347

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